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Posted on Mar 22, 2013 in Favorite Things | 1 comment

Lean Green Mama

We are thrilled to feature our first post from our resident Green Mama, Ricki.  She is the mom to a three-year-old son and ten-month-old daughter.  See her story and all her recommendations below!

healthy-clean-eating-vegetables Source: LunchBots

Most of my favorite green products relate to feeding my kids.  Recently, I’ve been trying to do away with a lot of the plastic food containers and cups in favor of more eco-friendly materials.  My newest discovery is Duralex, which is tempered glassware manufactured in France.  Glass does not contain BPA and is dishwasher safe, which makes me feel good about using it as my son’s primary drinkware.  Duralex comes in many shapes and sizes, but our first purchase was the Picardie tumbler in the 5.4 oz size.  Perfect for toddler and preschooler hands, Duralex is virtually unbreakable.  My three-year old has thrown these glasses into the sink and on the floor on several occasions, and every time, the glasses have won.  I plan on adding to our collection next with some of the plates and bowls here on Duralex Kids.  Side note: my husband and I like drinking wine out of the Picardie tumbler.

As an old-school Nalgene bottle carrier, it was hard for me to end the relationship when the big BPA scare happened however many years ago.  We have a collection of about 10-15 Nalgene bottles in our basement (and not of the BPA-free variety).  Many companies responded by making non-toxic water bottles, and one of my favorites is the Camelbak Kid’s Bottle.  This water bottle is super easy for little ones to drink from and easy to carry around.  My son has two so that one can live at school during the week.  Again, these are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.


One more item that I love on the eco-friendly-kid-eating-and-drinking front is our Lunchbots lunchbox.  Stainless steel has gained popularity in the serveware and lunchbox green arena because it is better for the environment than plastic, non-toxic and durable.  This Lunchbots link takes you to, a cool retail website and blog about non-toxic and organic products.

Here are two non-kid related green products that we like in our home:

The Preserve razor is made from recycled yogurt cups and all Preserve products are made from recycled materials.  My husband, who works in sustainability and is thus uber-credible in this department, uses this razor and thinks of it highly.  Preserve is a very cool eco-conscious company and you can read about them here. They make personal care and kitchen products.


I’m not someone who is huge on green cleaning products, but I am slowly making the transition – mainly because when I walk into my house after it has been cleaned, I think, oy, I should not be exposing my family to these toxic fumes!  Method Daily Wood for Good spray is excellent, and I use it every day for wiping down our wood dining room table.

Let’s hear about your favorite green products!

1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the recommendations, Ricki! I’m going to check out the Duralex.

    I’ve made some changes this year for food and drinker containers for school lunches. I’ve been happy with Eco-Lunch bento container:

    This BPA-free cold pack, with a cover made from recycled bags.

    And Kids Kleen Kanteen

    The challenge is finding non-plastic containers that are still light.

    Look forward to hearing more from you!

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