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Posted on Mar 31, 2013 in Favorite Things | 0 comments

Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Stacey, our resident reading specialist is back and here to give her monthly dose of great activities to do with your kids around some of her favorite children’s authors.  This month she is featuring Eric Carle!


Out of all the Books illustrated and/or written by Eric Carle, Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? is probably one of the most revered by parents, teachers and children. You can find it in most kids’ bedrooms, preschool classrooms, and elementary schools. If you don’t have one of your own, run don’t walk to pick one up! While there are a plethora of activities that one can do to celebrate this book, my favorite is to create a personalized copy. This book can be recreated in a variety of ways, but an easy go to version is to create a family edition of the book. Using the brown bear storyline as your template, replace brown bear with your child’s first name; child, child (your child’s name) who do you see? On each page, paste a different family member’s photo.” The second page might have a picture of mommy, with the accompanying line, “I see mommy looking at me.” The story continues, “Mommy, mommy who do you see? Followed by a picture of daddy, and the text, “I see daddy looking at me.” Pages continue to include all family members – grandparents, aunts, uncles, family pets, etc. Click here for a blank template to use. This type of book works as a wonderful transitional object for any child at school. Because your child will quickly pick up the pattern of the story, and will recognize all the pictures, he or she will be able to read it at nap time or to enjoy at school at times when he or she is missing his/her family. Quick tip- these books are fantastic childhood mementos to save in a baby book so laminate each page! Plus, you want it to last through meal times…Any Lakeshore Learning or Staples should be able to do this for you!

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try recreating this book to match your child’s interests. For example, my older son, is a huge Thomas fan. He loves reading his Thomas, Thomas book at bedtime! Feel free to download this file to use with your son or daughter!


The Hungry Caterpillar is another favorite Eric Carle book. If your child’s a picky eater like mine, then, you’re always looking for creative and inventive ways to get your child to eat. In this story, not only does the very hungry caterpillar enjoy different foods each day, but the majority of them are healthy ones – an added plus! I suggest starting the book experience at the market. To enhance your child’s reading comprehension and memory skills, encourage your child to remember the foods that the hungry caterpillar eats each day. Allow her to put the correct items in the cart. Once home, give your child a straw (preferably a green one!) and allow him or her to nibble through each item. Depending on the type of eater your child is, there are two fun ways to explore the foods in this story. If your child is picky, you can mimic the story by taking a bite out of each item (poking a hole in the food with straw). If your child is bold, encourage your child to eat all the foods the caterpillar eats, on each day of the week. For example, if the caterpillar eats apples on Monday, eat apples for snack on Monday. On Tuesday, if the caterpillar eats oranges, serve oranges for snack. Click the picture below – great idea for a  cute caterpillar to attach to your green straw.


Little Cloud is a perfect read for these spring days. Throw a copy in your bag on the way to the park and read to your child under the blue sky and clouds. Kids will love mirroring what they see in the book by trying to find shapes, animals, foods, etc. in the clouds above. When you are finished head home, and create some of your own clouds. With a little glue, shaving cream, and blue construction paper, you’ll find your son/daughter creating a beautiful cloudy masterpiece.  For a model of this activity click the picture below.


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